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Our Brands Alfa Evy Baby Fax ABC Silver Fax Arko Nem ABC Arko Krem Arko Silver
Gram/Packing: 4 piecs


You are in a brand new and exciting terms full of happiness as you baby joined your family. We share your excitement and aim at contributing to your happiness by offering our EVY BABY diapers to you for your baby, to whom you want to give the best of all.

Evy Baby, with the super absorbing particles it contains, keeps your baby so dry that even you will be surprised. Evy Baby, which transfers the liquid to the lower layer rapidly and retains it there, ensures the fresh air outside to reach your baby’s sensitive skin with its air – transparent soft tissue; it helps your baby’s skin’s protection against rashes and irritations. Evy Baby sticky bands, which are of a stretch-and-recover nature – as a first in Turkey – and which may be opened and closed for numerous times ensures the maximum comfort for your baby. It ensures your baby’s skin and clothes to remain clean via the waist elastic and the leg barriers. Evy Baby, using the state of the art technology, brings you the opportunity to share much happier and more peaceful times with your baby and makes your – the mothers’ – lives comfortable.

Another important feature of Evy Baby is that it is available in 5 different sizes during the growth of your baby from its birth. Our intention in making Evy Babys according to the weight of your baby is to ensure you – the mothers – and your baby to remain peaceful and happy all the time.

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