Our company has its central warehouse in Tbilisi, also regional warehouses in Kutaisi and Batumi. Evy Tbilisi is working by presale principles. Distribution channel offers transportation of goods once per week. EvyTbilisi has more than 200 employees, since its establishing company cares about its employee’s career and personal development.

Our Partners

Evy Baby Diapers

New Evy Baby, developed with care for your baby’s sensitive skin, is there to help you beginning from the first day of your baby.

Evy Baby with its improved Complete Care System, has been developed carefully for your baby’s delicate skin. New Evy Baby, absorbs liquid 2 times faster with its special lock crystals providing extra dryness, gives your baby a freedom of movement all day long with its new elastic side bands and protects his/her delicate skin from irritation thanks to its gentle on skin formula.


The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. But not always! Our formula, our packaging, and even our logo have changed in time… On top of groceries we have added supermarkets, pharmacies to reach you. But some things didn’t change.

Like our love & passion for our brand… Since 1957, it stayed the same. Yes, our reach has become greater. Arko reached to people in more than 50 countries. But our goal to deliver perfection to men never changed. The mentality of consumption changed. Life became faster. But our approach towards our consumers never changed.

Duru Soaps

The Duru brand was created in 1967 to add joy to your and your family’s hand and body hygiene habits.

We produce high quality soap bars, liquid soaps, shower gels, cologne and hair care products with half a century of experience to provide our customers with a delicate care and offer you the most enjoyable and enjoyable hand and body cleansing experience.

ABC Detergent

ABC Detergent is one of the most experienced and strong cleaning product producers in Turkey and region.

ABC Detergent, today, is one of the most experienced and strong cleaning product producers in Turkey and region. Our unconditioned customer satisfaction approach, human resources investments and corporate policies based on total quality approach lie behind our fast and stable growth. We monitor modern innovations constantly and implement these innovations to our process and technologies for the purpose of protecting and advancing our status within the sector.

Silver Shoe Care

Çığır Kimya was founded in 1992 to develop and produce shoe polish and leather care products under the brand name SILVER.

Within a quarter of a century, BASKAR TEKNOLOJI has reached advanced levels of plastic mold, automation line and robot solutions under its own roof, and is a community that has uncovered distribution companies such as Bashar Russia, Bashar Ukraine, Bashar Iran, which are positioned as foreign subsidiaries. While our industrial history of Shoe Care and Maintenance is based on the beginning of the 20th century, our organization is still a “young” representative as a producer of 25 years.

Viking Kağıt

Viking Kağıt grew rapidly after joining the Yaşar Group in 1982 and entered the cleaning paper industry in 1996. Today it has an annual production capacity of 45,800 tons.

Viking Kağıt, which adopts sustainable quality as a principle, offers products to the domestic and outdoor consumer market with its wide product range consisting of toilet paper, towels, napkins, box tissues and wet towels. Viking Kağıt that creates innovative products that meet the different demands and needs of consumers in both channels, realizes the distribution of products with more than 20 dealers and 200 direct sales outlets in Turkey in an effective manner.